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Answer: OK. So Scabal is a world famous brand existed since the last century. It was created in 1938. However our fabrics dated from 1539. We are established in London--our flagship store is in London. And our Scabal team is started to Shanghai a flagship store in Shanghai, in China. And we have several of our tailors coming to our customers in China to deliver a customization in all our suits. So the process of Scabal is very simple: we go to a client, we meet them, we get friends with them, because it’s all about getting to know our customers. Then the next process will be understanding his body, understanding his style. And then we will show our 5000 fabrics to him for him to choose which one is more suitable for his body and for the occasion. After that, so many customizations can be done. There are over 200 customizations from selecting the buttons, selecting the lapel, selecting the lining...there are many things to choose. I think that’s one of the main reasons why Scabal really beats any ready-to-wear brand in the market. Some of the brands, well, they are just focusing on their digital process, they have their products, and then clients just go and click, and then they will be receiving it. That’s the point. However we do it differently. We set up a time and an appointment, and then we get to know him, we do fashion style consultation, and then after four weeks we will deliver the product to the client in China. So I think the key here is: ready-to-wear might be something faster, but here with our bespoke array, what we do is we adapt ourselves to the client’s needs any time.



Answer: Well, the brand is always pursuing innovation. We have been asking for our customers, and we ask ourselves, how we can improve things? So I remember one of the most interesting facts of our brand was the fact of producing the bunches. Before and in previous centuries, tailors would be carrying these long fabrics to the market, so they would be choosing the fabrics. What Scabal did, I think (it) was very remarkable, was creating the bunches. The bunches is this booklet. When you will be passing, and you can see all the fabrics. This is something very familiar for all of us now. But back in the days it really changed everything, it changed the game, because we could be bringing more than one hundred, two hundred fabrics at the same time, and customers would be having lots of options to choose from. However I think there are many other changes in the company. They are remarkable to mention. I personally think that including diamond pieces in a fabric is something amazing and gold. Our customers and clients in China would definitely love this new techniques and this new fabric style we can offer to them at this point. These are some of them. But I would say we are always delivering something new, and we are working on many new things for this year. I will mention that in a little while. Our main target this year would be showing a Dali fabrics, which will be something astonishing for the Chinese audience. I think as soon as we are ready to deploy our fabrics, people will love them. But let’s wait for it.



Answer : OK. These very exclusive fabrics are usually addressed to people who want to stand out, who have lots of suits in the past, and they belong to certain circles--I would be saying royal families or Hollywood stars. They are classically our customers in this regards. However, not everybody needs to go through these exclusive ones. We at Scabal have lots of fabrics for everyone, because we believe that dressing well is not a matter of your economic resources, it’s all about a matter of attitude and elegance. Your clothing represents what you are.


Answer: Exclusiveness is something that we really care at Scabal. We have different suits and fabrics to deliver to our clients, we have, as you said, the golden ones, we have the diamond, we have Lapis Lazuli, we have Vicuna, we have very exclusive fabrics for our clients, and that’s something that we want to focus on because in China people have seen many different fabrics, many different exclusive luxurious products, but these things are only things we can only deliver (only we can deliver). And why we do this? (It’s) because our customers have been asking us, (it’s) not something we only come up with, it’s something we have been requested: what can you guys do at Scabal that is different, that is exclusive? So through our innovation techniques and through our advanced mindset, we have been pushing ultimate high-end fabric for our Chinese customers. This includes, as I mentioned, the Lapis Lazuli, the Diamond Chip, the golden ones. And I think these ones are fabrics that Chinese have not been seeing in history, so they will be related to people in Hollywood, people in the royal families. I believe that for certain occasions beyond business or golf or holidays these fabrics can really meet our clients’ demand in many ways.


Answer: I can just go straight to the point, and you can do some cutting. Our customers also really are interested in what to wear in weddings. Brides as we know they really focus on the beautiful wedding dresses, but what about the man? The man also needs to wear something very special. Here in Asia, we are pushing our ceremonial fabrics, and these ceremonial fabrics include very exclusive and very luxurious elements such as the diamond chips. I think having a nice tuxedo grey, white or even maybe a midnight blue with some diamond chips, with some beautiful pants and matching shoes can deliver a fantastic outfit matching to the excellence of the bride. So we can do some balancing between the beauty of the bright white and the handsome man maybe possibly wearing a black tuxedo. Likewise, I would want to say that here in Asia, in China we can see how younger generations are very interested in the precious stones, especially the diamonds. So sometimes you can see them wearing rings, sometimes you can see them wearing beautiful watches while even in the cars, but there is something missing. This part can be our Scabal suits with our diamonds. So you imagine, well, how cool it would be to have so many precious stones everywhere, but how about your body? Matching that is something that only Scabal can do.



Answer: Well firstly I want to say that having that experience with Mr. Yang was a fantastic one. He was a very kind, fun client to work with. So surprisingly in Asia bodies are not exactly the same as in Europe. But the beautiful story was that Mr. Yang has such a strong constitution. He, I can see, he works out a lot, and his body really demonstrates that health is a very important thing these days in China. You can see he is very well built with lots of muscles, and I am sure the suit we are crafting for him will be a fantastic one. Having said that, well, we have to go through the occasion. It was the wedding. I am not allowed to mention many things about the wedding, but we know there is gonna be 6-7pm in the evening, it’s gonna be in a place where weather is gonna be very pleasant--a bit hot possibly. And according to this scenario--the body, the occasion, the time, we could go through the fabrics. I selected one. He thought it was the most appropriate one. We also suggested a few ones. But he had his mind really turned to one direction. And when our clients are really certain about what they want, we only want to push it, and we will deliver a very professional product. So if they have suggestions, if they have customization ideas, we say “yes”, but only we can deliver it professionally. That’s our goal and our principle here.



Answer: That’s a very beautiful question to ask. A gentleman in the back centuries represented owning and belonging to a family that had noble titles. That is in the European culture. Nowadays, we understand gentleman as a modern concept. It’s obvious the clothes you wear that’s very important. And the fitting and the elegance that’s obvious very important. But being a gentleman is the decision every man has to make, because when you are born, you are a boy or a girl that’s a question of luck. Being a man or a boy is a matter of age, but being a gentleman is a matter of decision. And modern gentlemen have the right attitude to let others shine, to get along with others, to let the women be special, to know how to interact with other people to drink, to eat. They are literate. They are excellent in their jobs. All those things I have said I think it matches perfectly to Mr. Yang. He is a real gentleman of China, and I am very glad that I have the chance to work with him.



Answer:We at Scabal don’t really care so much about people’s money. I think beauty is inside of everyone. And as I said before, attitude is an essential aspect, factor for everyone to carry on in their personal life. So choosing the right fabric is very important. That’s for sure. We will be our consultant in this fashion brand we have. So choosing the right fabric is one thing. But the right fitting would be another way. I will also want to explain that it’s all a matter of…(interruption) We go again. I want to say it in a different way. OK. In Scabal we don’t really think so much about budgets. We first look at everyone’s shape and everyone’s personality. And then by choosing the right fabric and understanding the real occasion, we will go through a fitting. Fitting is a very important thing, even more important than the money you use. So that’s why several of our own teams are here to give you the right fashion advice to look like James Bond, Mr. Obama. And combining the right fitting and the right fabric with attitude that we can definitely ensure that any gentleman can be the new China James Bond for the next days, yeah.



Answer:OK. I have been living here in China for quite a while myself. So I have many different options to choose from. I particularly like the history of Shanghai in the 20th century, from the most populated city by foreigners in the beginning of the century with all the transformation through the Second World War and Japanese occupation, and then finally to the new system in China. I think that’s my particularly favorite part of China history. I think it’s so exciting. I have been watching lots of movies and lots of books. And despite maybe being a bit controversial, this thing I believe that is at an important time that has been shaping China’s personality in this 21st century.


Answer:Being a gentleman is a matter of a learning curve. You start from certain budget. But you don’t want to spend so much money to go to baseball when you actually don’t have the knowledge. For that, you need to experience yourself to make mistakes. Nobody is perfect when they (are) born. So we suggest for people who are not well-experienced--maybe they don’t have enough budget--to go through our ready-to-wear line. They can start to experiment and feel themselves whether they fit into this line of clothes. And once they are ready, they can look after all their options. But for me, I think having the right clothes with the right attitude is definitely a good combination for all our customers that want to initiate themselves into this sartorial fashion and stylist world. I think at Scabal we have, we can cover all ranges of customers, and we don’t want to dismiss those customers, actually we welcome them, and we have an option for them and an open door they can use, which is the ready-to-wear line. And we welcome them to go on the website and check what we have there to offer. I am sure they will like it.